View Full Version : ReviewPost and IPB 1.2

June 8th, 2005, 11:56 AM

I am getting ready to purchase ReviewPost and I just wanted to make sure that it will integrate with IPB 1.2.

Also I plan on upgrading to IPB 2 in the near future and want to make it will be possible to modify the ReviewPost to integrate with IPB 2 when I do so.



Chuck S
June 8th, 2005, 12:06 PM
Hello we integrate with both Invisionboard and Invisionboard 2

June 8th, 2005, 12:15 PM

Just to make sure I am clear, this is something I can do myself....correct? I would like to install the software myself without paying the installation fee.

Chuck S
June 8th, 2005, 12:59 PM
Yes if the instructions here make sense to you here you should be able to install the application without paying us. The install process is pretty straight forward