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April 28th, 2005, 06:23 PM

Great product! I am interested in knowing a few things before making a purchase:

1) if there's much required as far as configuration modifications for a successful installation - or if it's a "wizard" based installation.

2) can we have multiple keywords associated to a picture? As in, if I submit a single pic and want it to be "searchable" by... let's say four keywords - a user could "find" that pic by using any one of the four words, and wouldn't have to enter all of them?

3) I saw that someone asked, and it was confirmed, that a single picture file could "show up" in multiple categories. Is this different from the way keywords work?

4) I have a Content Management System integrated with vBulletin 3.x user groups and usernames. Will photopost integrate with the same vBulletin usergroup/username tables without affecting the CMS integration? That is to say - Photopost won't alter the vBulletin tables or data, it'll just pull data from there, correct?

5) My Content Management System is driven off of custom coding (not in a css file). Is Photostart easily customizable in the way of "skinning" it or "theming" it to match my site's colors and layout? Is there a manual or a guide to help morons like me with doing that?

**EDIT: Oh, and forgot to ask - does it always show up looking like it's own forum instance? My site will already have vBulletin - so will this look like a seperate forum installation, or will it be part of my existing forum installation (i.e. a forum area inside my site's actual forums)?

And... is it possible to allow a user to upload to a gallery area without also granting them view permission to the items uploaded into that area? I'd like to be able to use this product for an artwork competition where users can submit but cannot view the submitted photos themselves.

May 2nd, 2005, 10:07 PM
Well okay then, I guess this is a sale that won't be made. See ya.

Michael P
May 2nd, 2005, 11:07 PM
Sorry, this one slipped under the radar.

1) Installation is done via an install.php script - you'll need a server that supports the basic requirements, but the script will walk you through an installation.

2) Yes, keywords are part of a photo description which link to other photos with shared keywords.

3) Photos can be displayed in multiple categories (while only having one actual image stored on the server); keywords are a way of point to other photos which may be similiar, but not necessarily the same.

4) Yes, integration is a read-only kind of thing with no changes by out side. Skinning is as easy as flipping a switch and setting a path.

5) You can integrate the gallery forums into your vB forums just as if they are one in the same and PhotoPost comes with the scripts you need. The instructions are in the FAQ section for easy integration.

http://www.photopostdev.com is a good example of an integrated forum with galleries listed in the forums (although I'm using the compact version in a sidebar there).