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April 23rd, 2005, 03:29 PM
Hello gang: I have a slight problem which i caused

I bought a secure certificate for mysite and instead of using photoposts' update header php to paste the certificate code into i used microsoft frontpage to paste the code into.I had the gallery/index.php page open in ms frontpage and made the mistake of hitting "SAVE" while still being logged in as Administrator in photopost.Hence now i am permanently stuck as logged in.Other people seem to still function normally and i can still login as a "member" and "administrator" but everything else is still jammed for me such as Paypal donate button,Admin logout and even your crite(photopost link) links back to my homepage.Any suggestions on an sql dump or quick-fix would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time ps.when i got the ssl certificate my host upgraded me to a dedicated ip address and i think it may have still have been parsing files when i modified the gallery/index.php