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April 12th, 2005, 07:42 PM
I'm looking for a good review script, and there isn't much out there, so right nowit looks as if I'll be choosing between these two scripts. Below are listed some things I like about Censura that I don't recall seeing as features for ReviewPost. I'd be thankful if some of you would let me know if any of these in fact ARE features that ReviewPost has, that I somehow missed, or were missing from the features page for some reason. Also, please feel free to point out to me some important features that ReviewPost has that are missing from Censura (http://www.censura.info).

Here's the Censura features I especially like:

Amazon Import Module. You can quickly and easily search/browse items at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, and import them directly into your review engine!

Customizable rating categories, on a per product category basis. Each category of items can have its own unique set of rating attributes.

Commerce/external integration. Each product category can be assigned to an "external linkage template", allowing you to link individual products to external sources, such as affiliate programs, comparison shopping engines, and shopping carts.

A complete administrative frontend for "product partners". Allow product partners and merchants to update their product catalogs, images, attachments, and company profile information without your involvement.

Censura API - display Censura data on other parts of your website using simple PHP tags as part of your HTML markup.

Custom item-level attributes - want to display more data about an item than the standard fields? Not a problem.

Content Feeds - XML-based syndicated content feeds of your review data.


Michael P
April 13th, 2005, 09:08 AM
I've never done a comparison with Censura; but I have heard that their product is encoded so that you cannot change any of the functionality. With ReviewPost you get full unencrypted PHP source.

We don't support those functions you have listed, so if they are must have's then ReviewPost will not suit your needs.