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April 11th, 2005, 07:26 PM
1) I am going to probably be purchasing PhotoPost Classifieds, and VBulletin forums to help build my automotive enthusiast community site. I know that the liscense I will be purchasing for VBulletin is either a year long or a lifetime depending on what I pay, is the 99$ liscense for PhotoPost Classifieds a year long or a lifetime? That is the main factor influencing my decision on purchase so any help would be great.

2) I am also looking to offer a feature to paying members to create a personal member site within our site. Something similar to cardomain.com except not nearly as advanced. Just a place for paying users to create a short page about themselves, their vehicle, and post pictures and what not. Do the makers of PhotoPost offer anything remotely close to this, I am having a very hard time finding anything close to what I need.

I am very impressed with the linked accounts between PhotoPost Classifieds and VBulletin, I am just hoping I can find a script like I was talking about above to offer members the chance to create a personal page and also have it linked to the same account name.

Michael P
May 2nd, 2005, 11:10 PM
1) Classifieds is a lifetime license, but support is for 1 year. Meaning, after the first year, you can renew and get continuous upgrades and support; but if you dont renew you can continue to run the version you last downloaded.

2) We don't have this kind of support - I think we've been discussing this offline or in another forum.