View Full Version : Any News or CMS-type addons FOR Photopost?

March 11th, 2005, 09:59 AM
I am reposting this from Photopostdev...was not sure where was best to post it! I apologize and feel free to delete if this is not allowed.

OK, odd question I know. I have a few PhotoPost licenses, all of which I integrate with either UBB.Threads or VBulletin. Love em, really do.

I have a few buddes that uses Coppermine with a tiny little News-Addon type thing I wrote to sit on front of Coppermine. Example is here: http://example.bicenet.net

Now I do not use Coppermine, do not want to use Coppermine, and really am only familiar with it so that I can install it for my friends who want something 'remotely similar' to what I have with PhotoPost. They want to show pictures online and if something is free and somewhat easy...they are all about it.

But now one wants to upgrade to PP, which could be a trend! It got me thinking...and I would probably modify my personal site as well...

But before I start hacking something together on my PhotoPost family site, I wanted to see if there was already something out here. Basically what I did with the above Coppermine site was to add a table or two to handle news, added a bunch of config variables to control the news, etc - and simply used the Access levels granted by Coppermine. A few public pages and admin pages later, and bada bing...it was good enough.

PhotoPost has SO much more capability and potential in this area, so I wanted to see if something like this existed already. My family is all about the photos and little 'news blurbs' they can write up, but as far as integrating with a forum? Lost cause...nobody would use the forum (I already have proof).

Anyone have anything out there that adds TO PhotoPost? Would love to see it!

And some further clarification on this, basically I would be using PhotoPost as the 'main app' - I would use it for registrations, logins, access groups, etc - and would build a small addon around all this. Should not even touch PhotoPost too much...really just resides with it. Anyone done this?

Many thanks.

Michael P
March 11th, 2005, 03:31 PM
I haven't done anything or see anything PP specific; most people seem to use PP as a part of their CMS they already have in place.

Although with our "portal" layout, you can add custom PHP scripts to display new boxes of info rather easily.