View Full Version : Letting users upload files via FTP

Michael P
December 15th, 2004, 12:52 PM
I've had some people ask about the process of letting people upload files via FTP for processing; this can be done with users you trust using the following method:

1) Each user has their own directory in uploads (if they don't, it gets created the first time they try to upload). You could give your users access to ftp to that specific directory.
2) Once they have uploaded all their files, they can go into Upload Photos and upload a single image which will be added to those they FTP'd up to their uploads directory.

When they get to the bulkupload process, all the images they FTP'd will be processed along with the one they uploaded.

It is important that when users FTP files up to the server, that the server has the permissions it needs to process and remove the files. Its not uncommon for FTP clients to assign ownership information that differs from the server. So as long as the directory has 777 permissions, you should be okay.

I don't recommend giving out FTP info to anyone but those you can trust - but this is how you can let some of your users upload large groups of images at a time.