View Full Version : PhotoPost Classifieds 2.0 BETA Available

Michael P
October 13th, 2004, 05:32 PM
Currently loaded onto PhotoPostDev.Com: http://www.photopostdev.com/classifieds/showcat.php?cat=2

Making progress; hope to have an update soon. Given the number of large updates, we're going to release this as a 2.0 release.


. Feedback System. Styled after the familiar eBay, members can leave Positive, Neutral or Negative feedback on another member. Points (which can be set by admin) determine the type of "star" a user can get (there are five stars). Positive are +1, Neutral are 0 and Negative is -1. (completed)

. Bidding. If enabled, users can elect to have their items open for bidding. This auction-style bidding will allow users to bid and incrementally have their bids raised to their max bid rate (eBay style). (completed)

. PayPal payments. A new feature which allows PayPal integration to be enabled, prices for ads (and each option) can be set individually by category. Ads go active after they have been paid for. The Bulk Actions page has been modified to show a "Payment Pending Queue" so that ads awaiting payments can be viewed (or removed). When Classifieds is notified of a payment, an email is sent to the admin with information to verify the payment. (completed)

. Highlighted, Bold and Italic Ads. Permissions are set by usergroup for which groups can use which features. (completed)

. Ad Expiration. The ad expiration has been change to not delete ads automatically, but to "expire" them and remove them from the views. In the Admin panel an "Expired Ads" seciton has been added to the Approve / Bulk Actions page which have links to and allow for the actual deletion of ads. (completed)

. Stats Update. A new stats caching table tracks the number of items sold and a "$ amount" of items sold. (completed)

. Currency Indicator. Changed in Admin Options to allow for other currency indicators other than "$". (completed)

. Zip Code Integration. Although lacking the actual zip code information which can be purchased commercially, the code has been modified to allow a switch to turn on/off this feature. By adding the actual zip code data to your database, you can get the "Distance From You" feature enabled without having to modify PhotoPost Classifieds code. (completed)

. Simple Machines Forums Integration. SMF forum integration included.

. # viewing added to category list.

. All updates reported to date and some visual/language updates. (ongoing)

. All .SQL files have been removed and instead the queries are embedded into the scripts themselves. This will simplify the installation/upgrade process.

October 24th, 2004, 10:27 PM
This is really a great looking product.

It will be another great feature on my Corvette site, we are already running ReviewPost, and two Photoposts (one for videos, one for photos).


We'll pull the trigger on this in the next couple of weeks. It'll be nice to get rid of the "for sale" forum sections.