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September 14th, 2004, 02:00 PM
subcategories vs. searches

we're a site dealing with music, so naturally we want live photos of bands.
So besides the usual community uploads, we want to enable our users to upload snapshots they took and secondly, more important, also post our staff photos.

First approach was creating the top category "events" with subcategories "shows", "festivals" and so on.
Numerous subcategories would follow, all called something like "band, venue, city, date".

Second approach was using keywords and meta data. So I created additinal info fields "date, venue, city", the bandname would go in the title.
Now I could use the internal search engine, e.g. pictures by user flint, bandname, venue and date as keywords.

The result is a long URL we can perfectly use for creating links from the editorial part of our site.

Now I'm wondering which method to go with.
We don't want to enable users to create subcategories.
Some would use it accordingly, others would create single Albums for every piece of furniture they own.

So that's why I like the search method: Users only have to set keywords correctly, and they can dynamically link to pictures of their little doggie, without spamming the gallery.

search results can't be sent via email. When using "email gallery link to friend" he'll get a "custom gallery", but not exactly what the search result was.

Also, maybe you're planning to redefine the search feature, so one day all those links don't work anymore.

do you have any recommendations, or maybe examples how others have accomplished this?