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August 19th, 2004, 04:32 AM
Hi i bought photopost about 6months ago and paid for the installation. Problem is support could not get it to work after many e-mails etc I decided to give up. Anyway I now have some spare time and am looking to setup photopost on my website. Below is what support say I need on my server:-

"Before installing PhotoPost PHP, you need to verify that your server is properly configured to support it. PhotoPost PHP requires PHP 4.0.2 or greater, MySQL 3.22 or greater, and ImageMagick 5.3.8 or greater. Verify these requirements with your web host if unsure."

I host my website on www.oneandone.co.uk who they say are "1&1 is proud to be both the world?s biggest web host, and the fastest growing. 1&1's global community is 2.8 million people strong and 2,500 new customers sign up every day. 1&1 are financially stable, profitable, and will be serving and protecting your website for many years to come."

Sureley with this many customers your software must work with their servers? or is this just a way to make money off your own servers and try and get new customers to change their hosting to you?

I phoned One and One and they use PHP 4.3.6 and MYSQL 4.01 they are unsure about Imagemagick!!


Chuck S
August 19th, 2004, 06:40 AM
So you actually we refunded your install I assume. I never handled your install and there has never been an install I could not do provided the requirements are there on the server.

More than likely there was something about your account that caused the installer back then to be able to not install it.

1. Your php could have been extremely old

2. You could have not had mysql. I have seen customers order photopost who are on servers that dont run it. I had one last week. She luckily had a backup site that did

3. Lastly your site could not have had GD installed and there was no SSH access which means we would have been unable to install ImageMagick. Photopost requires one or the other.

6 months of time is along time and your host could have upgraded their servers. Don't read PR statements. I think all hosts try and say they are the best.

You have 2 choices. One you can attempt to install Photopost yourself. Two you can purchase an install and we will do it.