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August 6th, 2004, 06:37 PM
I am interested in buying PhotoPost PHP Pro and having it setup, but have a few questions:

1) Can I start with PhotoPost PHP Pro and add/integrate vbulletin to the site later without any problems?

2) What I really want is both a picture site and a bulletin board. I noticed that http://www.sportbikes.net/ uses both PhotoPost PHP Pro and vbulletin, and I'm looking for similar functionality as that site. If I wanted to have both PhotoPost PHP Pro and vbulletin on a site, what's needed to set it up and have a basic out-of-the-box configured and working site?

A) Purchase PhotoPost PHP Pro
B) Pay for installation service for PhotoPost PHP Pro
c) Pay for Value Hosting via PowWeb.com
d) Purchase vbulletin software from Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.
e) Pay Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. for installing vbulletin software on Hosting account at PowWeb.com
f) Is there any configuration so that PhotoPost PHP Pro and vbulletin work together and with a single login?
g) Any other basic cusomization needed to just get the site running?

Anyway, I'm very interesest in purchasing PhotoPost PHP Pro ASAP and want to have a compatible working turnkey solution for a picture site / forum that I could change/modify to meet the requirements/layout of the site.

I have basic computer knowlege so I need something that WORKS and that can be setup for me, so I have something to work with.

Any help/information will be greatly appreciated.


Chuck S
August 6th, 2004, 07:23 PM

As far as the first question you would need to go with option 2 since you need the forum setup first.

However I would not have VB install the forum for you. If you email me at chuck@photopost.com which is also in my signature I will give you a quote to install VB. I can easily give you a break as they charge 130 to install their software. VBAdvanced is a free front page for your site so we could install that as well and with all 3 products you would have a ready made site.

Here is what you should do to if you want a site like the one you meantioned

1. Order VB software for VB

2. Order Photopost software with an install.

3. Contact me and I will give you a cheaper install price than VB and we can install your forum.

4. Think if you want the VB home page thing also