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Michael P
July 26th, 2004, 10:47 AM
When making your decision on which Photo sharing script to use on your site, it's important for you to compare your options. It would be a unmanagable task to try to build a comparison matrix and then keep it current with any updates to the various software packages, so we will provide you with our list of extensive features so that you can use it to make the most informed decision possible.

PhotoPost was the first truely integrated third party gallery script available. We pioneered the idea of integrating photo galleries into forums and sharing a single user login. Of course PhotoPost doesn't need to be integrated with a forum, it has its own user registration system which allows PhotoPost to run independently of any other software.

As a standalone or integrated product, PhotoPost continues to raise the bar for features and integrations.

General Overview
See sections below for greater detail.

Extensive forum integration (all include single login and many include integrated avatars, signatures, styles)
Extensive usergroup permissions-based system
Gallery layout options including a forum-style layout, portal-style (with sidebars) and a gallery layout.
Contest mode to create categories where photos can be voted on and then sorted by number of votes.
Multiple user-selectible layouts for galleries: thumbnails only, thumbnails with titles, full descriptions and grouping of photos by members.
Auto thumbnail creation with option for medium sized images and resizing down of larger images. Large images can be displayed in popup windows.
Option to allow users to download a gallery as a ZIP file
User managed "favorites" list which can be downloaded as a ZIP file
Bulk uploading by users using multiple file prompts, ZIP uploads and FTP upload files
Multiple watermark options (including on-the-fly watermarks)
PHP formatted templates allow for easy updates
Templates can be modified in Admin section
Table wrapper templates to allow for greater flexibility in formatting your pages
Formatted template files for easy viewing/editing
CSS stylesheets with several defaults provided
Multi-language support (includes english, dutch, french, german and spanish templates).
Gallery Moderator assignments to moderate comments and photos
Personal Albums for user management of their own photos - including user selectible frames for albums, photo sorting and when not using integrate forum styles the ability to choose their own style.
eCards allowing users to send eCards to their friends and family; users can customize the look of the card and get return receipts when card is read.
Slideshows with user selectible delays
EXIF/IPTC information extraction and display
Help popup screens

Forum Integration
PhotoPost can be used as a standalone application or comes with integratrations for: vBulletin 2.x, vBulletin 3.0x, vBulletin 3.5, UBB.threads, InvisionBoard 1.X, InvisionBoard 2.X, PostNuke, Nuke, phpBB2, IkonBoard and DCForums+ and SMF 1.0
Optional integration with forum themes/styles for vB2, vB3, UBB.threads, InvisionBoard, phpBB2 and SMF 1.0
Signatures/Avatars pulled from forums with vB2, vB3, UBB.threads and IkonBoard

Installation & Configuration
Simple installation script
Database table prefixes can be selected
PhotoPost/User database can be seperate
ImageMagick, GD1 or GD2 can be used for image processing
Integration with BotBuster to place code into pages
JHEAD integration for removal of non-image specific markups in images
JPEGTRAN integration to extract EXIF/IPTC information from images
MYSQLDUMP integration for database backups
On-the-fly watermark option
ZLIB compression
IP Caching to track IPs to prevent view counter runup and multiple voting of images
Debug setting which can display errors and optionally email them to the Administrator
Caching to improve pagegeneration times

Main Index
Multiple layout options:
List View (default) - Can be viewed at http://www.danasoft.com/photopost/index.php
Portal View - Can be viewed at http://www.photopostdev.com/photopost/index.php
Gallery View - can be viewed at http://www.michaelpierce.com/gallery/index.php
Toggle display boxes for Recent uploads, Random images, Most Popular photos
Categories can be expanded/collapsed by user to customize look
Quick Search boxes as well as quick links for displaying recent uploads (1 day, 7 days, 14 days, all images)
Intelligent menus to display user selectable options
Who's Online display
PALs which can display Recent Comments, Highest Rated, Random Images, Top Posters and general Stats
Calendar PAL to display current month with links to images uploaded on a given date
New Photos/New Comments indicator (if enabled)
Number of users viewing shown per category
Category avatars
System closed indicator for Admin
configurable index paging
News/Announcements Box for index page (contents set in admin)
Optional thumbnail borders (photo stack,film strips,photo,fall,frame,jag,page,paint,red,round,scatter and slant included)

Category Display (showgallery)
User selectable sorting options
User selectable number of thumbnails to display per page (saved in a cookie for future use)
Fields displayed controlable by Administrator
Email the page link to a friend box
Subscribe to gallery for email notifications of new uploads
Thumbnail/Gallery selectible dropdown for showgallery pages which allow for thumbnail only views
Advanced Sorting on showgallery pages
Quick nav dropdown selector
"Image ## to ## of ####" indicator on showgallery page
Recent Posts category specific when in category
Category specific thumbnail borders (can override site default)
Category Intro Boxes to display a custom box for a category (set in admin categories)

Thumbnails with Titles in showgallery page

Member Galleries (showmembers)
List or Gallery format available
Quick sorting by first letter of name
User selectable sort options
User selectable number of users per page to display
Member Galleries can be configured to show all of a users photos or only those photos which were uploaded to their Member Gallery
Integration of the "Show Albums" mod which provides an index of all albums; switch can be used to add link to Members Gallery (see this example link)
Recent Posts category specific when in category
Thumbnails with Titles in showgallery page
"Image ## to ## of ####" indicator on showgallery page

Extensive searching options which allows for searching of Photos and Comments
Thumbnail for photo optional when viewing comment search results
Search within date range
Search for Username
Search specific categories, multiple categories or all categories
Quick search boxes located on index and gallery pages
improved search conditions (all words, one word matching)

Upload Photo
Simple layout for uploading images uses two page design:
First page allows for image uploading and category selection
Second page prompts for photo information
Multiple file upload prompts (set by Administrator)
Image can be uploaded to multiple categories (only one copy of the actual image is stored)
ZIP file uploads for multiple file uploads (enabled by Administrator)
Zip 'n Download optional for any category/albums
Multimedia file uploads with optional image thumbnail upload (if enabled)
Images can parsed from a URL (if enabled)
EMail notifications when comments are posted to your photos
Additional block for Administrators that allows for:
Default title for all photos
Default description for all photos
File can be process from directory different than default staging area
Skip the upload process and process all images in staging area (allows for use of FTP for large groups of photos)
Bypass the approval process and just upload the images in the staging area
Option to disable watermarking of images if enabled
Option to not delete photos from the source location
Option to display thumbnails during the approval process (can speed up processing)
Option to select number of thumbnails to process at a time
Ability to upload photos as another user
User can enter title, description, keywords and any additional custom fields
IP tracking of photo uploads
Submit button grays out during upload
"mini" thumbnails for non-rotated thumbnails (only if rotating thumbs)
Minimium image size setting
thumbnail sharpening (IM users only)
Upload limits on a daily basis

Photo Display
Preview strip of photos displaying next and previous photos for quick viewing
Links to enabled options for:
Add to Favorites
Post a comment
Report Photo (allows a user to report a photo to the Admin and enter a description of the issue)
Send as eCard
Receive email updates (notifys user of comments being posted to photo)
Edit Photo (if owner or admin)
Images can be rotated, flipped/flopped or thumbnail rebuilt
Upload new image to replace current
Move category
Copy image to another location
Edit title, description, keywords
Admin can "change owner" of the image
Delete photo
Make Sticky (if admin)
Make Index Thumbnail (specifies image to be used as category avatar on main index)
Displays EXIF Information (if present and enabled)
Quick rating box
Quick comment box
Admin box with options to move/delete image
Display IMG markup code so users can copy/paste into forums (if enabled)
Optional anti-leeching code to disable right-clicks

Comments & Ratings
Text markup codes
Can be configured to show all ratings or just rating with comments
Can only rate an image once (tracks IPs in addition to users)
Slideshow presentation (user selectable delay)
IP tracking of comments/ratings
Switch to turn of embedded multimedia
Optional big image window popup
Print View of just image to allow for easy printing of photo
Report Post

Displays simple stats about a user:
Number of photos
Number of comments
Number of times their photos have been viewed
Disk space used
Last photo uploaded
Last comment posted
Manage gallery subscription (can unsubscribe from here)
Manage photo notifications (can unsubscribe from here)
Admin option for link to delete all of a users photos
Link to Manage Photos (see Photo Manager)

Photo Manager
Allows a user to move/delete photos while viewing thumbnails of images posted per category

Personal Albums
Users can create their own personal albums to group and manage their photos in.

Password protected albums (auto generated link which can be shared with friends)
Password variable removed from URLs and set by cookie
Ability to sort images within an album
Albums can be associated with main categories (if enabled by usergroup)
Can set default sort order for the album
User selectable thumbnail to display for album

My Favorites
Images can be tagged as "favorites" which are available from a "My Favorites" link on every page
If enabled, all images in the users My Favorites can be downloaded as a ZIP file
Images can be removed from favorites either on the photo page or from the My Favorites page.
User ability to sort albums to control the order in which they are displayed.

User selectable options include:
Layout (text to side or below image)
Background color
Border color
Font color
Font style
Email sent to user to notify how to view eCard
Optional notification for when card is viewed
Preview card option
User can enter Subject and text to be sent with eCard
eCard expirations set by Admin

General installation statistics including a news panel from PhotoPost.Com
System closed indicator for Admin
Approve images interface
Bulk Actions interface where admins can change/delete images multiple images at a time from one screen by category
edit header/footer/headtags file from Admin
24-hour time format selection (in Admin Options/Global Options)
Moderate Comments
Order Images (allows an Admin to set a specific order to photos which have been "stuck" in a category)
Bulk Move images from one category to another
Manage Albums where an Admin can see all user albums for review
Edit Options where all PhotoPost options are presented for editing
Edit Configuration where the PhotoPost configuration file can be edited
Edit Stylesheet option to allow Admins direct access to the PhotoPost stylesheet (includes color picker)
Edit Categories (see below for Category options)
Display PHP Information
Scan Database which includes options for:
Check for and create missing thumbnails
Rebuild all thumbnails
Rebuild all medium images
Recalc photo/comments numbers for all categories
Rescan photos for EXIF information
Scan db looking for duplicate photos (remove dupes)
Resync usernames with photos/comments (for forums where users may change their usernames)
Purge Old Photos where photos can be removed by usergroup based on age
Switch to turn off embedded multimedia
Hidden Photos photos which can be tagged "hidden" from appearing in the gallery itself, but can be viewed with a direct link (Approve Photos has a new "Hidden Photos" which can be used to view any hidden photos).

Usergroups can be setup or imported if PhotoPost is integrated with a forum
Per usergroup settings include:
Admin Access
Moderator Access (moderators can approve/order images and move/delete images)
Upload Permissions (ability to upload photos)
Comments Permissions (ability to post comments)
Photo Moderation (determines if uploads go into an approval queue before being displayed)
Total disk space allotment
Max file size for photo uploads
Allow user to edit their photos after upload
Allow user to edit their posts after posted
Allow Personal Albums for usergroup
Upload limits on a daily basis
Enable ability for users to associate Personal Albums to main categories

Unlimited number of categories can be created
Unlimited extra fields including definable types using text, dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons
Unlimited nesting of subcats is allowed
Category editor allows sections to be collapsed/expanded for easier navigation
Quick link to empty categories of images
Quick link to sort subcats of a categories alphabetically
Option when adding a new category which allow bypassing of edit properties or going stright to a new addition.
Options which can be set per category include:
Display Order (determines in which order categories are displayed)
Category Name
Category Description
Can be set to a category which contains images itself or is a parent seperator
Header file (including html or php scripts)
Footer file (including html or php scripts)
Head Tags include file
Password for password protected categories
Color/Style theme
Number of subcat levels to display
Default sort order
6 "extra" text fields which are prompted for during upload and an unlimited number of text, checkbox and radiobox additional fields can be set per category
Customizable watermark
Permissions set by Usergroup include: viewing permissions, upload permissions, posting permissions and watermark addition
Changes can be applied to current cateory and optionally to all subcategories
Moderator assignments by category
Category "max images" setting - removes oldest images as new ones are added
Contest Mode - allows a category to be set to "contest" mode where users can only vote for one photo in the category (no ratings per image), Moderators/Admins can control voting and reset votes.

List of Admin Options
Title for your PhotoPost Application
Web site name
Your Website URL (include http://)
Administrator Email Address
Data directory virtual path
Full path to PhotoPost data directory
URL to your forums main directory (optional)
Full path to Header Include File
Full path to the footer include file
Full path to HTML file containing head tags
URL to PhotoPost PHP directory
Default number of comments per page
Show Most Recent Additions on Index page?
Number of columns for thumbnail pages
Color for image borders
Default maximum file upload size in kB
Thumbnail image max width and height in pixels
Max allowable image width in pixels
Max allowable image height in pixels
Trigger medium graphic height and width
Expire eCards after how many days (even if not read)?
Display unapproved comments?
Do you want to allow people to download their favorites?
Display quickratings under photos?
Display title under photo?
Display ratings that have no comments attached?
Display description?
Display keywords?
Display dimensions?
Display photo and diskspace stats on index page?
Display date?
Display views?
Display filesize?
Use email to notify users?
Comments increment user post count?
Photo uploads increment user post count?
Save and display medium and large images?
Number of columns for most recent additions section?
Number of photos to display in the most recent additions section?
Allow users to send e-Cards?
URL to PhotoPost images directory
Depth (number of levels) of categories to display.
Allow users to be notified of new posts via email?
Display Custom PAL #1
Pixel size of borders for images/thumbnails
How many days after an eCard has been read do you want to keep it?
Show post count and photo details for cats without thumbs?
Display Custom PAL #2
Use COPPA for registration?
Full Path to Registration Rules, or leave blank for default
Require verification of email address upon registration?
Your mailing address to receive COPPA permission forms?
Full path to COPPA rules file, or leave blank for default?
Allow new user registrations?
Allow users to upload photos?
Allow users to post comments?
Show recent photos in default location (bottom)? (if no, will display at top)
Your Commission Junction click-through URL
Notify Admin of New Uploads?
Show last photo thumbnail in member galleries listing?
PhotoPost main table width, percent or pixels.
Require unique email addresses for user registration?
Show Random images on Index page?
Show Most Popular images on Index page?
Do you want to allow ZIP uploads?
PATH to UPLOADS directory?
URL to UPLOADS directory?
Forum database table prefix
Display Custom PAL #3
Enable watermarking of photos with overlay image?
If enabled, position of overlay watermark on images.
If photo upload width or height exceeds maximums, resize upload down to max dimensions?
Full server path to watermark overlay image.
Allow users to move/delete their own images?
Display Members Gallery on the main index page?
Require users to be registered to view images?
Select a border for your thumbnails
Display headers during SlideShows?
Maximum multimedia upload size in Kb
Allow users to create Personal Albums?
Allow multimedia uploads?
Allow members to rate photos?
Display new comments/photos indicator on index?
Display and extract EXIF information from images?
Do you want to show the Members Gallery in List format?
Do you want to prompt for optional info during registration?
Do you want to be notified of all new comments?
Do you want to enable the calendar printing service?
Require users to be registered to send an e-Card?
How many file upload prompts do you want?
Quality setting for image resizing/thumbnails?
Select a theme for your website
Show UBBCode on Photo page?
Use Spider-friendly URLs?
Use Anti-leeching code?
Allow users to choose additional categories during upload?
Display number of viewers on categories?
Enable slideshows?
Enable next and previous photo previews?
Acceptable multimedia file types?
Acceptable image file types?
Do you want Members Gallery to show all of a users photos?
Sidebar Placement?
Sidebar Width
UnderCategory Bar
Statistics Bar
Top Posters Bar
Random Image
Highest Ratings Pal
Show Sidebar on Index Page?
Show Sidebar Globally?
FULL PATH to your theme.inc.php file (UBBThreads users only)
Show signatures?
Show Avatars
Show Category Avatars?
Number of Top Posters to display
Number of Last Comments to display
Number of Most Popular Photos to display
Use Integrated forum stylesheets?
Use Whos Online PAL?

vB3 Enhancements

New vB3 Enhanced mode with templates that take advantage of vB3 features like collapse/expand and vB3 look-and-feel
Auto support for CSS as file option
Featured Photo displays for non-PhotoPost pages
Inclusion of the inc_photopost.php and inc_features.php scripts. These scripts allow the integration of Featured Photos and your Gallery listing on your vB Main Index page. New features for these integration mods include: collapse/expand (with memory), improved integration/configuration (much easier to integrate/configure, uses new config-int.php file for common settings) and security (photos or galleries user doesn't have permission for will not be displayed).
Text areas, including signatures, descriptions and comments use vB's own internal bb code converter (includes smilies)
Quick Reply uses vB3 enhanced input text box and Comments page can optionally use WYSIWYG interface (Comments page can also use simple enhanced version, both included and configurable with switch)
Redesigned header-inc.php to remove configuration items (moved into a config-int.php) and improve vB header integration
vB3 avatars improved to show file system avatars, db stored and site selected avatars
Integration with vb3 sessions login

Supported Modifications

vB Pop-up image selector which inserts markup code directory into message construct windows

Extensive Integration Modifications
Although not supported by PhotoPost staff, the website PhotoPostDev.Com (http://www.photopostdev.com) is a resource used by developers and administrators looking to enhance their product or to integrate PhotoPost into their forums. Just some of the modification available on PhotoPostDev.Com include:

Different layouts for category integration
Template and stylesheet updates
Featured Photo displays for non-PhotoPost pages
and many more!