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PhotoPost Photo Gallery Software for Your Site

Your search to find the best photo gallery has led you to the most feature rich, best performing, and most widely used gallery available today. PhotoPost is the best way to offer your users the ability to upload, show off, share, discuss, and rate photos and videos on your site.

We originally created PhotoPost in 2001 for, our parent company's own tech discussion website with 2 Million forum posts and 200,000 users, and within weeks we were inundated with requests, so we decided to develop it into a product. Over the past 8 years, PhotoPost has undergone more than 100 "dot" updates by a team of expert developers to add features, tweak performance, and maximize stability. Always in high demand, PhotoPost has been purchased by a staggering 14,500 websites.

PhotoPost is most popular amongst vBulletin forum owners. That's because we designed PhotoPost from the beginning to integrate efficiently with a website's existing vBulletin forum, offering users one integrated login and registration instead of two, stylesheet integration, and other enhancements. But what PhotoPost does well for vBulletin owners, it does equally well for those that wish to integrate a gallery with many other forum types, or to simply add a photo gallery to their website with no forum at all.

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Quick Links

Forum Integrations

PhotoPost can optionally integrate as an add-on to an existing forum on your site, and we do this extremely well. PhotoPost is a perfect fit with a forum, because sharing and discussing photos within PhotoPost comes naturally for a forum community.

With our forum integration, your users will use their existing forum account to login to PhotoPost, without needing to register again and maintain a separate account. Additionally, we offer stylesheet integrations with several forums to easily setup your PhotoPost gallery to match your forum's look and feel, and with vBulletin 3.x we offer several additional enhancements.

Forum SoftwareUser LoginStylesheetsEnhanced*
vBulletin 5.x
vBulletin 4.x
vBulletin 3.x
Xenforo 1.x
UBBThreads 6.X
UBBThreads 7.X
InvisionBoard 1.0
InvisionBoard 2.0
InvisionBoard 3.0
MyBB 1.0
SMF 1.05 and up
SMF 2.0 and up
Wordpress 3.x
vBulletin 2.x
DCForums +
XMB Forums
What Our Customers Say
"I must tell you and others that I'm a proud vBulletin and PhotoPost owner and my members do love it even more. I still can't believe that I paid that little bit of money for such a killer app."
"Perfect integration for vBulletin forums. My website suddenly seems to have come to life and is seriously benefiting from the PhotoPost program, giving all my users somewhere to store their images, while at the same time allowing me to include thousands of images myself, all of which can also be sent as e-cards. This program is a bargain and is far cheaper and better than some of its rivals. "
Thomas M
"PhotoPost is an excellent product. I've purchased quite a few licenses, and use it on various sites. Their product works well, and the customer service and technical support is fantastic."
Robert H.
* Xenforo Additional Enhancements:
  • New Xenforo Enhanced mode supports for using header and footer around the gallery
  • Support for using the xenforo navigation system
  • Support for xenforo breadcrumbs
  • Support the xenforo style.
* vBulletin Additional Enhancements:
  • New vB Enhanced mode with templates that take advantage of vB features like collapse/expand and vB look-and-feel
  • Support for using header and footer around the gallery
  • Support for using the vB navigation system
  • Support for CSS as file option
  • Featured Photo displays for non-PhotoPost pages
  • Show featured photos and gallery/album listings on your main vBulletin forum index.php page.

For vBulletin or Xenforo Sites

PhotoPost Pro is our flagship product. By far, we have spent the most time and energy developing PhotoPost Pro and designing it to be absolutely packed full of powerful and fully customizable features. PhotoPost Pro can function as a standalone gallery on your site (complete with its own built-in accounts registration system), or it can integrate with a variety of forums as shown in the Forum Integrations table.

We have made sure that if you use either vBulletin or Xenforo forums that we support the best integration possible with these products. You will be able to load your forum header and footer around our product as well as use the forum style and full navigation support and integration of gallery features within various areas of your forum to acheive the best integration and ease of use for your community as a whole.

PhotoPost Features

Feature HighlightsPhotoPost Pro
User Uploads w/ auto thumbnails
User Registration System
Multimedia/Video Support
Forum Integrations
Batch uploads w/auto thumbs
User photo comments/posts
Users can create own albums
Watermark/brand uploads
Upload photos in ZIP's
eCard Greetings Cards
Database Driven
Unlimited Cats & Subcats
Choice of ImageMagick or GD2
Keyword Search
Photo ratings
Category view/upload limits
User Features Expand

  • Users can upload photos to a category or to their own gallery
  • Users can create their own subcategories/subgalleries within their gallery
  • Users can upload multiple photos within a zip file
  • Users can upload more than one file at a time (can be disabled by
  • admin)
  • Post comments about photos
  • Show More Features
  • Users can create personal albums
  • Search by keyword
  • Rate photos on a scale from 1 to 5
  • Edit or delete user's own comments
  • Edit the description of user's uploaded photos, or delete their photos
  • Move their photos from one category to another
  • Image manipulation: When using ImageMagick, users can rotate CCW, rotate CW, Flip and Flop an image after it has been uploaded (by editing a photo).
  • Users can choose to be notified of new posts to their photos or photos to which they want to subscribe (email notification).
  • Send a photo as an e-Card (greetings card / post card, etc)
  • Choose how many thumbnail images to display per page
  • Sort thumbnail display pages by alphabetical, most popular, most active, by date, and by number of views
  • Uses time offset and 'posts per page' user preferences from vBulletin user DB (when in use)
  • Member Galleries section displays disk space used by each user so they can keep track of their disk usage
  • Private Personal Albums - Private Albums are assigned a unique URL which the person can share with friends and family for restricted access.
  • New Comments/Photos indicator - for users who are logged in, the arrow for comments and posts will glow when new items have been posted since last visit to the category.
  • View Recent Uploads - A link to show the posts in the past 1, 7 and 14 days.
  • View All Uploads - can be viewed and then sorted (for example to see the most popular uploads in all groups)
  • My Favorites - Users will have the ability to "tag" images for their own "My Favorites" feature. Viewing My Favorites shows the tagged images in a gallery format.
Registration System Features (Standalone installs) Expand

  • Supports user groups and admin editing of user groups to enable specific permissions for different users (disk space allowance, file upload size restrictions, uploads, comments) - this could be used to enable premium access such as more disk space for paying members
  • User profiles
  • Encrypted passwords
  • Show More Features
  • Supports COPPA (can be disabled)
  • Auto verify user email address
  • Admin editing of user levels and profiles
  • Ban users
  • Allow/disallow new user registrations.
  • Allow users to change passwords.
  • An automated "I Forgot my password" feature.
  • Delete a user and all of user's photos and comments
Other Features Expand

  • MySQL database driven
  • Can integrate with vbPortal
  • Integrates with an existing forum (for one user database, stylesheets)
  • Supports database prefixes to allow the use of one MySQL database
  • when table names would otherwise clash.
  • Globals-inc file to facilitate Mods
  • Multi-language support via template files. Packaged with English, German, French, Swedish, Dutch languages.
  • ZLIB compression support to speed page loading, reduce bandwidth
  • Option to require users be registered to view images
  • Traffic tested on sites with over 14M monthly page views
  • Show More Features
  • Optional integration with BotBuster to protect bandwidth
  • UBB/VB Code (linkify, bold, etc) for Descriptions and Comments
  • Dynamic titles for pages to improve SEO
  • Slideshow display of images in condensed format
  • New Help system. Popup windows with help topics. Topics will be in HTML format in a help directory and editable by the administrator
  • Configurable date formats and time offsets per user
  • GD2 support for image resizing, watermarks and on-the-fly watermarks (or use ImageMagick for all but on-the-fly)
  • Automatic thumbnail creation
  • ImageMagick support for image resizing and watermarks (or use GD2)
  • Video Uploads. Support for multimedia files. When PhotoPost detects the upload is a multimedia file (.mpg, .avi, .asf, .wmv, and .mov), it will prompt the user for a thumbnail to be uploaded or use a default image.
  • Support for Jpegtran to remove XML data from jpegs created by PhotoShop 7 (to fix the Adobe/ImageMagick broken image browser problem)
  • Supports JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIF file formats when using ImageMagick, or JPG and PNG formats when using GD
  • Thumbnail display pages show details for each photo such as filesize, user name, date, number of times viewed, and number of comments.
  • Images stored on disk in a directory rather than in the database, which allows them to be cached by browsers, saving bandwidth.
  • Number of photos and comments limited only by your server's diskspace and MySQL's record limits
  • Support for short URL's for photos to make them easy to email and copy/paste (i.e.
  • Tested in *nix/Apache environments
  • Tested in Windows 2000 and NT w/ IIS and Apache
  • Tested on OS X servers.
  • IP caching prevents multiple views and voting in a configurable timeframe
  • Known to work on RaQ 3/4 systems
View an even more comprehensive list of features in this forum thread.

Powerful Administration Panel

Virtually all options and customizations for PhotoPost are handled within the web based Administration Panel. Below is a list of some of the more popular features within the admin panel.

Admin Features Expand

  • Easy web-based setup
  • Templates for all user-interface pages (allowing custom HTML throughout)
  • Unlimited categories and sub categories
  • Multiple image uploads via FTP with automatic thumbnail generation. Upload hundreds or thousands of images via FTP then import them into PhotoPost all at once.
  • Approve/Reject uploads before they are viewable by users (can be disabled)
  • Bandwidth/diskspace friendly: choose to save user uploads (of any size) as thumbnails only, turning off large images.
  • Supports user groups and admin editing of user groups to enable specific permissions for different users (disk space allowance, file upload size restrictions, uploads, comments) - this could be used to enable premium access such as more disk space for paying members (this is functional with any user database - internal or forum integration)
  • Set the size of thumbnail images
  • Move photos from one category to another
  • Set user disk space limits
  • Set max file size (in bytes and in pixel width/height) of uploads
  • Password protect categories
  • Show More Features
  • Custom defined fields (6 custom fields to collect and display
  • different information from the photo uploader besides description, title, etc, such as camera type, car engine size, etc - totally up to the admin)
  • Stylesheets with GUI/Admin panel editor
  • Sticky photos / photo sorting to allow admins to determine the order in which photos appear in a gallery
  • Moderators are allowed to approve images but not modify admin panel settings
  • Admin can email users
  • Sticky photos - select certain photos to always appear at the top
  • Exempt admins from diskspace/file size limits
  • Exempt admins from upload approval process
  • Option to email admin when there are new uploads
  • Turn Off Boards. Will be able to "turn off" the boards for periods of maintainence or backup
  • Font selection - ability to specify main font for use throughout program (includes use of SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE tags which can have sizes customized)
  • Manage Albums. Gives the administrator the ability to edit/delete user Personal Albums
  • Personal Albums can be turned OFF by admin
  • Configure colors/fonts
  • Specify header/headtags/footer include HTML files for all categories or individual categories
  • Create and rename categories and category descriptions
  • Ability to edit the config-inc.php file from the admin panel GUI interface. No notepad editing required.
  • Admin statistics page including size of data directory, users, albums, who's online, admin log, etc.
  • Tell-a-Friend feature to let your users spread the word about your galleries.
  • Change the display order of categories
  • Enable/disable user editing of photos and posts.
  • Allow/disallow unregistered users to upload photos and post comments
  • Set number of comments per page
  • Set number of thumbnail columns in the thumbnail display screens
  • Specify unique header/headtags/footer files for each category/subcategory.
  • Allow only administrators to upload to a category/subcategory.
  • Purge Photos feature - allows admin to remove files that exceed a specified age.
  • Admin password can be changed using install.php installation script if it is ever lost or forgotten.
  • Allow unregistered users to send ecards.
  • New easy upgrade script to help navigate the upgrade process.
  • Unzip functionality now built into code, no external application needed
  • Fix thumbnails/database. A "scan database" admin function which will fix images with no thumbnails (creating new thumbnails), remove database entries with no image and fix the username associated with an image (in case a BB has allowed a user to change their ID).
  • Watermark tracking tracks which images have watermarks added to them
  • User Views - tracking the number of images a user views (displayed in User admin)
  • Scan DB will also add watermarks to all your images if selected
  • Bulk Move. The ability to move all of the images from one group to another.
  • Mass Move/Delete.
  • Deleting a category deletes all photos and comments within that category and all of its subcategories, simultaneously.
  • Option to turn OFF rating of photos (turns off display, too)

Customizable Styles, Earn Adsense Revenue

It's easy to customize PhotoPost to fit with your site's existing look and feel. All colors are customizable, fonts are customizable, and of course you can change the header/footer/sidebars. It's easy to make money from your PhotoPost galleries by adding your Adsense code ( ) into the header, footer, or sidebar, as well.

What Types of Sites Buy PhotoPost?

Just about any kind of hobby/enthusiast site you can think of has purchased PhotoPost, and it will fit in very well with your site's community. We have customers with sites about autos, motorcycles, scrapbooking, photography, gaming, pets, outdoors, sports, technology, home theater, nightclubbing, fitness, adult, and a lot more. Everyone loves to share and discuss their photos no matter what their interests may be. You can see examples of many of these customer sites on our sites in action page.

PhotoPost Photo Sharing Community Photo
PhotoPost Photo Sharing Community Photo
PhotoPost Photo Sharing Community Photo
PhotoPost Photo Sharing Community Photo

Installation and Upgrade Services

PhotoPost is designed to be very easy to install, even for novice webmasters. Our instructions are straightforward, and the installation process is performed through a web browser. If you know how to create a MySQL database and to FTP files, then you can install PhotoPost. That said, if you need an extra hand or just plain would rather not do the install yourself, we offer an affordable and extremely fast installation service to get your gallery installed and up and running on your site in about a day.

As new versions come out from time to time, you may want to hire us to perform the upgrade for you, which essentially involves FTP'ing a few new files to your webserver and running a PHP script in a web browser. This upgrade service, too, is available to you should you need it, and like our install service, takes about a day to complete.

Licensing, Support, and Product Updates

PhotoPost is commercial software and requires that you purchase a license to install and use it. One license gives you permission to install PhotoPost in one location, on one website, for an unlimited period of time. Buy a license, install PhotoPost on your site, and use it forever at no additional cost. Your initial license purchase includes one year of free access to our members downloads area where you can download new versions of PhotoPost. After one year, you can renew your access to the members area for a low annual fee (which is completely optional).

If you ever have a question about anything related to PhotoPost, our expert developers are available to assist you. You can search our extensive support forums for an answer to your question, you can post a question to our forums, you can email us using our contact form, and you can view our support page for documentation.