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PhotoPost Classifieds is written in highly optimized PHP code and uses a lightning fast MySQL database backend.

For our optional classified ad photos feature (which supports image uploads and auto thumbnails), PhotoPost Classifieds uses either ImageMagick or the GD Graphics Library to resize uploaded classified ad photos and create thumbnails. Chances are, your web host already has either ImageMagick or GD installed on your server, so be sure to check with them if you don't know if you have one or both installed. You don't need ImageMagick or GD if you do not wish to allow classified ad photos.

PhotoPost Classifieds includes a full featured built-in user registration system. Although PhotoPost Classifieds works completely on its own with all functionality included (including comment posting), it also works with vBulletin, phpBB 2.0, and UBB Threads v5 and v6, to keep your users from having to register twice. Note that no forum software is required.

We provide a guaranteed installation service.

Requirements for PhotoPost Classifieds Without Classified Ad Photos

Requirements for PhotoPost Classifieds With Classified Ad Photos

ImageMagick or GD, PHP, and MySQL can be obtained at no cost, and they are so common that they are probably already installed on your web server.

Testing Your Web Server for Compatibility

To find your version of PHP, MySQL, GD (if present), and whether or not you have safe mode OFF, download this small test file, unzip it, and place the phpinfo.php file on your server, then run it from your web browser.

When you run phpinfo.php in your browser, a long page of configuration info will appear. Your version of PHP will appear at the top of the page:

Scroll down to the Configuration / PHP Core section and find the safe_mode variable. It will look like the following:

If it is "on", ask your host if they will disable it for you, or consider switching to a host that will (safe_mode prevents scripts from writing files to disk, hence uploads are not possible).

Next, see if you already have a version of the GD Graphics Library installed. Scroll down until you see a section titled "gd":

PhotoPost Classifieds can work with GD 1.x.x (which is common), although thumbnail images look much better with GD 2.x.x or ImageMagick. If you don't have GD1 or GD2 installed, ask your host if they have ImageMagick installed on your server (or if they will install it for you). If you need to install ImageMagick, we have a detailed install guide that works with virtual servers (root access not required), and we offer an installation service that includes the installation of ImageMagick and ReviewPost.

Finally, scroll down to the section titled "mysql" to find your version of MySQL:

Please see our Support Section for installation details!

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Dedicated Hosting via Pair Networks
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Installation is as easy as uploading PhotoPost Classifieds scripts to a directory, editing a couple of settings in a text file (database host, MySQL username & password), and running the installation script from a web browser. The installation script tests for the presence of the necessary components, like ImageMagick, and will inform you if they need to be installed. After you step through the web based installation script, PhotoPost Classifieds is ready to go.

If you want to use PhotoPost Classifieds ad photos capability but you don't have ImageMagick or the GD 2.x.x Graphics Library, we can install ImageMagick for you if you purchase our Advanced Installation Service, or you can do it yourself by following our ImageMagick Install guide. Alternatively, you can install the GD 2.0.x Graphics Library.

Our Advanced Installation service not only sets up ImageMagick for you, but PhotoPost Classifieds as well. You can follow our PhotoPost Classifieds Install Guide if you wish to peform the installation yourself.

  PHP w/ MySQL database
  User registration system
  Let users buy/sell items
  Use for job postings
  Use for personals ads
  Auction style bidding
  User feedback
  Zip Code integration
  Templates / Themes!
  Users post ads
  Sellers set ads expiration
  Can use existing forum login from vBulletin v2/v3, UBB.threads, phpBB2, DCForums, InvisionBoard 1/2, PHPNuke, Nuke, Ikon, SMF, Re viewPost and PhotoPost
  Approve/Reject ads
  Unlimited Cats/Subcats
  Use ImageMagick or GD
  CSS stylesheet support