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The feature lists below are detailed but not completely comprehensive. Some features exist that are not mentioned here. If you're looking for something specific, inquire in our forums. If it isn't currently a feature in PhotoPost Classifieds, we can more than likely add it into an upcoming version.

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Classified Ad Templates

  • Categories can use provided templates for Classifieds For Sale, Wanted, Help Wanted and Personals.
  • New templates easily added
  • Additional custom fields per category
  • Extensive customization of categories for look and feel
User Features

  • NEW! Sellers can place classified ads for fixed prices or with optional eBay style bidding enabled
  • Sellers can upload several photos to display with each classified ad
  • Sellers can set an expiration date for each ad
  • SOLD IT! and RELIST IT! options to disable/re-enable ads
  • NEW! User feedback system to provide ratings and feedback for buyers and sellers
  • Contact seller page allows buyers to contact sellers without revealing seller email address
  • Search by keyword
Registration System Features

  • Integrates with third-party forums; including vB4, vB3, UBB Threads, phpBB2, InvisionBoard, Nuke/PostNuke, DCFroums+, SMF, Ikon and PhotoPost/ReviewPost and many more. See list below...

    Forum SoftwareUser LoginStylesheetsEnhanced*
    vBulletin 5.x
    vBulletin 4.x
    vBulletin 3.x
    PHPBB 2.0
    PHPBB 3.0
    UBBThreads 6.X
    UBBThreads 7.X
    InvisionBoard 1.0
    InvisionBoard 2.0
    InvisionBoard 3.0
    Xenforo 1.x
    MyBB 1.0
    SMF 1.05 and up
    SMF 2.0 and up
    Wordpress 3.x
    vBulletin 2.x
    DCForums +
    XMB Forums
  • Supports user groups and admin editing of user groups to enable specific permissions for different users
  • User profiles
  • Encrypted passwords
  • Supports COPPA (can be disabled)
  • Auto verify user email address
  • Admin editing of user levels and profiles
  • Ban users
  • Allow/disallow new user registrations.
  • Allow users to change passwords.
  • An automated "I Forgot my password" feature.
Admin Features

  • NEW! PayPal Payments to charge for ads and optional items like highlighting, bold and italics.
  • NEW! Zip Code integration with third-party commerical Zip Code database to provide "Distance from you" feature (as seen on ViperAlley.Com).
  • Easy web-based setup
  • Unlimited categories and sub categories
  • Approve/Reject/Edit new ads before they are viewable by users (can be disabled)
  • Bandwidth/diskspace friendly: choose to save user uploads (of any size) as thumbnails only, turning off large images.
  • Supports user groups and admin editing of user groups to enable specific permissions for different users (this is functional with any user database)
  • Set the size of thumbnail images
  • Enable/disable "Find the lowest price" links
  • Move ads from one category to another
  • Set max file size (in bytes and in pixel width/height) of ad image uploads
  • Exempt admins from upload approval process
  • Option to email admin when there are new ads added
  • Turn Off Boards.
  • Font selection - ability to specify main font for use throughout program (includes use of SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE tags which can have sizes customized)
  • Configure colors/fonts
  • Specify header/headtags/footer include HTML files for all categories or individual categories
  • Create and rename categories and category descriptions
  • Change the display order of categories
  • Enable/disable user editing of ads.
  • Allow/disallow unregistered users to add new listings
  • Set number of ad columns in the category display screens
  • Specify unique header/headtags/footer files for each category/subcategory.
  • Allow only administrators to add ads to a category/subcategory.
  • Fix thumbnails/database. A "scan database" admin function which will fix images with no thumbnails (creating new thumbnails), remove database entries with no image and fix the username associated with an image (in case a BB has allowed a user to change their ID).
  • Watermark tracking tracks which ad images have watermarks added to them
  • User Views - tracking the number of ads a user views (displayed in User admin)
  • Scan DB will also add watermarks to all your images if selected
  • Bulk Move. The ability to move all of the ads from one group to another.
  • Mass Move/Delete.
  • Deleting a category deletes all ads within that category and all of its subcategories, simultaneously.
Other Features

  • MySQL database driven
  • Can integrate with vbPortal
  • Can use vBulletin 2.0.3 (and all newer versions) user database
  • Can use phpBB or phpBB 2.0 user DB
  • Can use UBB Threads v6 user database
  • Multi-language support via template files. English provided.
  • ZLIB compression support to speed page loading, reduce bandwidth
  • Option to require users be registered to view ads
  • UBB/VB Code (linkify, bold, etc) for ad descriptions
  • Traffic tested on sites with over 3M monthly page views
  • Dynamic titles for pages to improve search engine indexing
  • Help system. Popup windows with help topics.
  • Configurable date formats and time offsets per user
  • GD2 support for image resizing, watermarks and on-the-fly watermarks (or use ImageMagick for all but on-the-fly)
  • ImageMagick support for image resizing and watermarks (or use GD2)
  • Supports JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIF file formats for ad images when using ImageMagick, or JPG, GIF and PNG formats when using GD2
  • Automatic thumbnail creation of ad images
  • Thumbnail display pages show details for each ad such as number of views and date posted.
  • Product images stored on disk in a directory rather than in the database, which allows them to be cached by browsers, saving bandwidth.
  • Number of ads limited only by your server's diskspace (for images) and MySQL's record limits
  • Tested in Unix/Apache environments
  • Tested in Windows 2000 w/ IIS
  • IP caching
  • prevents multiple views in a configurable timeframe
  • Known to work on RaQ 3/4 systems

  PhotoPost Classifieds
  ReviewPost PHP Pro
  PhotoPost PHP Pro

  PHP w/ MySQL database
  User registration system
  Let users buy/sell items
  Use for job postings
  Use for personals ads
  Auction style bidding
  User feedback
  Zip Code integration
  Templates / Themes!
  Users post ads
  Sellers set ads expiration
  Can use existing forum login from vBulletin v2/v3, UBB.threads, phpBB2, DCForums, InvisionBoard 1/2, PHPNuke, Nuke, Ikon, SMF, Re viewPost and PhotoPost
  Approve/Reject ads
  Unlimited Cats/Subcats
  Use ImageMagick or GD
  CSS stylesheet support