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Titles, Paths and Configuration
Title for your PhotoPost Application
Web site name
Your Website URL (include http://)
Administrator Email Address
Data directory virtual path
Full path to PhotoPost data directory
URL to your forums main directory (optional)
Full path to Header Include File
Full path to the footer include file
Full path to HTML file containing head tags
URL to PhotoPost scripts directory
Full path to Unix Sendmail
SMTP server address (leave blank to use Sendmail)
User Registration System (Use caution when changing this.)
URL to PhotoPost images directory
Your Commission Junction click-through URL

Index.pl Display Options
Default number of comments per page
Show Most Recent Additions on Index page?
Number of columns for thumbnail pages
Number of columns for most recent additions section?
Number of photos to display in the most recent additions section?
Depth (number of levels) of categories to display.
Show post count and photo details for cats without thumbs?
Show recent photos in default location (bottom)? (if no, will display at top)
Show last photo thumbnail in member galleries listing?
PhotoPost main table width, percent or pixels.
Show Random images on Index page?
Show Most Popular images on Index page?

Image and Diskspace Options
Default max diskspace for each user in kB
Default maximum file upload size in kB
Thumbnail image max width and height in pixels
Max allowable image width in pixels
Max allowable image height in pixels
Trigger medium graphic height and width
Save and display medium and large images?
Enable watermarking of photos with overlay image?
If enabled, position of overlay watermark on images.
Level of watermark opacity.
If photo upload width or height exceeds maximums, resize upload down to max dimensions?
Full server path to watermark overlay image.

Admin Options
Uploaded photos require admin approval?
Remove upload file size and disk space limits for admins?
Exclude admin uploads from photo approval process?
Notify Admin of New Uploads?

User and User Registration options
Use email to notify users?
Comments increment user post count?
Photo uploads increment user post count?
Allow users to send e-Cards? (email must be enabled)
Require users to be registered to send an e-Card?
Allow users to be notified of new posts via email?
Use COPPA for registration?
Full Path to Registration Rules, or leave blank for default
Require verification of email address upon registration?
Your mailing address to receive COPPA permission forms.
Full path to COPPA rules file, or leave blank for default.
Allow new user registrations.
Allow users to upload photos.
Allow users to post comments.
Allow unregistered users to upload photos?
Allow unregistered users to post comments?
Require unique email addresses for user registration?
Do you want to allow ZIP uploads?
PATH to ZIP upload directory? (If allowed)
URL to ZIP uploads directory?

Colors and Fonts
Head bar Color
Head bar Font
Search bar text color
Category navigation text color
Search bar background color
Heading font color
Heading font type
Table main background color
Table border color
Main table text color
Comments alternating color number 1
Comments alternating color number 2
Comments main text color
Border color for photo details table.
Background color for photo details table.
Font color for photo details table.
Body color for forwarding page.
Top level category (cats that do not contain thumbs) bg color.
Top level category (cats that do not contain thumbs) font color.
Font size for category links

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